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Led by owner Lisa Muller-Jones, Mojo Brand & Creative is a collective of marketing, branding and creative affiliates that bring just the right mix of experience and focused knowledge to each project.

Unlike other agencies, Mojo collaborates with independent marketing professionals armed with the specific skill sets needed to ensure clients get the best team for their project.

This collaborative approach creates better results for businesses by:
• Providing direct expertise to each project
• Avoiding costly added fees of overhead expense
• Ensuring full and engaged attention and priority

About Lisa Muller-Jones

Lisa launched Mojo Brand & Creative in 2015. She is a brand and communications professional with over twenty years of experience in brand marketing, communications, leadership, and creative ideation. Her industry focus includes health care, automotive, finance and consumer product goods & services.

Prior to launching Mojo Brand & Creative, Lisa was a marketing leader for an innovative, not-for-profit health care organization where she specialized in Brand Marketing, Creative and Communications. She spent the earlier part of her career as a creative professional in Advertising and Management Consulting. Lisa's expertise includes strategic planning, communications, creative, public relations, social media and employee engagement.


Anne Davis
Content & Execution Affiliate

Anne has fifteen years of experience in the health care industry, working with providers and organizations in the areas of health care reform, quality improvement,

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David Gillis
Design & Creative Affiliate

David started his Art Directing career at TBC, an Ad agency in Baltimore, MD, where he ultimately became Associate Creative Director. His clients at the agency

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Anne McVeigh Morin
Insight & Execution Affiliate

Anne has over 20 years of experience in the health care industry, working in a wide array of areas including Marketing, New Business

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About Us

Mojo Brand & Creative is led by owner, Lisa Muller-Jones. We specialize in brand and content marketing for businesses of all sizes. Our services include brand development, brand strategy and creative development.

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