Too. Much. Noise.

In the 1970s, brand advertising hit its evolutionary gas pedal, as companies turned to agencies hoping to gain a handle on how they positioned themselves in a shaky economy. With an onslaught of advertisements hitting television, radio and newspaper channels, consumers were exposed to a daily barrage of messaging. Though the exact science of messaging studies conducted during that time have been a source of debate, The American Association of Advertising Agencies estimated that consumers were met with over 1,500 messages per day, with an average of only 12 eliciting a response.

This is where creative started to take a really interesting turn. Advertising agencies became highly coveted among business owners with a strong call to set themselves apart from their competition. And the era of brand positioning hit its stride. Creative messaging became more streamlined, with claims of value and quality taking a back seat to raw emotion—finding something memorable for consumers to associate with a brand while keeping it at the forefront of their minds. Think Coca-Cola teaching the world to sing—or Kodak inviting us in to experience the precious moments of family evolving over time. And with TV pulling the attention of consumers to tune-in on an average of 6 hours per day, agencies had a clear path for how to maximize their client's marketing spend.

Ok, now fast forward to 2016. Think of how rapidly our communication channels have expanded. How many messages are you exposed to every day? How many do you see when you're watching TV, surfing the web, checking in on Facebook, or listening to a new playlist on Spotify? Even as you're reading this, I'm sure you've thought of at least 10 more channels you can add to the mix. What makes YOU stop to take notice? When do you take a quick moment to share something that's moved you or made you laugh? There are so many ways to share messaging today and EVERYONE is doing it. You don't need to have a big budget to get your message out there. You just need a new idea that matters to the people you are trying to reach.

So, here's your challenge, if you choose to take it: Pick a typical day over the next month and tally up how many marketing messages cross your path. This includes email ads, product logos, social media videos, labels—you get the picture. And take note of the ones that claim your focus and cause you to act. Mark those images or words that grab your attention so much that you do something—whether you share a link, open an email or get a jingle stuck in your head. And then ask yourself the most important question: what made you care?

Hope you find joy in your day, and I'll see you next month!


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Promises. Promises.

Posted on May 2, 2016

Too. Much. Noise.

Posted on April 4, 2016

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